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Dental disease in pets is very common and can lead to more serious problems. Learn the steps to ensure the dental health of your pet. A little care now can prevent larger problems later.

Heartworms represent a growing problem for your pets, threatening their heart, lungs and liver. Fortunately, there is a simple monthly preventative to keep your pet heartworm free.

Dogs and cats with round worms or hookworms can transfer diseases to you and your family.                                                                                 

End the worry about lost pets with a Micro-chip implant that will help return your pet if lost. Most veterinarians have scanners to help identify your pet and insure its safe return to your family.

A recent study has shown that over half of our dogs and cats are overweight. Portly pets are prone to many more health problems than their trim counterparts. Fortunately, there are steps to help your pet lose weight.

Pets can suffer the pain of arthritis as they age. Consult your veterinarian for easy, reliable methods of pain management to keep your pet happy and pain free.






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1306 North Thornton Ave

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